About Us

Aaliyah Grech who is eleven years old has been singing with The Voice Lab Malta for over 7 years. Her love for music is unconditional. She also likes playing the piano and musical theatre. Aaliyah has also participated in various competitions abroad and has placed well with other top contestants.

Point Blank - Aaliyah
Point Blank - Gianluca

Gianluca, 13, a Voice Lab student started singing at the age of 8 and playing the piano at the age of 9. In September 2022, he was a finalist in the Next Generation Italia competition. His song was chosen to be on the 2022 disc compilation. During his free time, he likes to create wooden ornaments using fretwork. He is also passionate about travelling and exploring the world.

Norah, 11 first started singing in a choir at the age of 5/6. Following that in 2020 she joined the Voice Lab where she has been progressing on her vocals. Besides singing Norah is very involved in dancing where she is practicing in 5 different genres of dance.

Point Blank - Norah
Point Blank - Thomas

Thomas is 12 years old. He has been a student at The Voice Lab Malta since 2018, and his vocal coaches are the amazing Ms Claudia Magrin and Ms Christina Magrin. Thomas is always in for a good challenge, and he is passionate mostly about waterpolo, piano, learning in general (mostly the sciences), gaming and singing (of course 😊). Thomas had different opportunities related to singing both in Malta and abroad. His first experience abroad was as a finalist at the Bled Golden Microphone in Slovenia in 2019. Thomas is engaging with songwriting and has co-authored his first song in 2021.

Our Story

Point Blank was formed in 2022 by vocal coach Ms Claudia Magrin.

As solo artists, Aaliyah, Gianluca, Norah, Sophie, and Thomas have already amassed years of experience locally and abroad. They participated in several song festivals, masterclasses and music productions. The group’s strengths lie in their diverse vocal abilities and close-knit friendship. Aaliyah, Gianluca and Thomas play the piano, while Norah is passionate about dancing and Sophie is involved in theatre.

Point Blank strives to be direct, sharing a message of empowerment and resilience through their music.

In March 2023, Point Blank, released their debut single and music video Shout. A few months later, Point Blank made it to the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest final.

The group has got new and exciting projects lined up in the coming months!